lindaLinda Reineke began her photography career in the hospitality industry 27 years ago. The road she chose led her to an incredible opportunity as a self-employed, certified women owned business in the corporate and convention photography market. Because of Linda's experience and expertise in this field, Riverview Photography is among the most well respected photography companies in New Orleans. When people think convention photography they think "Linda". The relationships she has made and maintained in her many years in business, as well as her talent and creativity as a photographer, have earned Linda and Riverview a great amount of business.

Riverview Photography is referred by most of the major hotels and destination management companies primarily because of Linda's talent both behind and in front of the camera. She knows how to work with each customer's specific needs. Finally, Linda's love of working with people and knowing which important moments to capture (or not) during a client's meeting or event are a testimony to why Riverview continues to prosper in New Orleans' thriving hospitality industry.


Linda Reineke
Riverview Photography
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